Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Shower Invitation

This is a little watercolor is did over my past break for my sister's baby shower. I find it hard to scan watercolors, so as usual it looks better in person.

Landscape Sketches

These are some quick Plein air paintings I did this past summer in my backyard. Each is about 4x3 inches and done with watercolors and white gouache

Figure Drawings 10/23/09

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rupi Project

The Rupi project is a personal short I started developing over the last two terms about a shy sari washer in India who is pursued by her family's delivery boy in a bollywood like fashion. In my storyboarding class I made a rough animatic of the opening sequence mixed with some conceptual artwork. This is about as far as I'll probably take the project, but who knows, I may pick it up again.
P.S. I know the lead guy looks like a certain Arabian street rat, so please don't tell me who he looks like...I already know. If I was to continue this project, he would undergo a serious redesign.

Figure Drawings

Some figure drawings I did a few terms back with india ink brush pens.

Senior Project: Kid's Book Illustrations

These are from my senior project I did in high school, where I illustrated a book for a class of third graders, followed by them writing their own stories for it. When I did these I had no training in art or design, so they may not be to my current standards, but it's been three years and I'm still really pleased with them.

More Paint Sketches

Left is random girl that ended up in one of my pictures from the zoo. Right is a sketch of a Sargent painting. About 30 min each.

Ballerina Quick Paints

Practicing my digital painting skills from my ballerina photos. I've found that blurry photos are great to practice with, and I have plenty of those.